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I am new to the young adult arena. My debut novel, Ferret, has the right kind of ingredients that young readers and adults alike will hunger for more. I am a consultant, have a degree in business, but my role as a writer resonates who I am.

As to writing, I'm meticulous when it comes to stringing words together which are specifically prescribed to entertain in the most unique way. Performing magic on paper is what I call it. And oftentimes I find a goldmine in movies, music, and of course books to help in performing such magic.

Unlike most authors, my joy of reading came later in life. When it did, it was as if I'd been placed under a spell to devour all kinds of books. And then the images started coming. But it wasn't until the images started to go wild when I finally realized that my desire to read had evolved into something else. At first I didn't know what to do with the fussy images; I just wanted them to go away so that I could get some sleep. But it didn't take long for me to realize that it was time to pick up a pen.

  • Here are some of my favorite things (or things to do):

Epic movies: movies like Selma (all-time best MLK movie),  Roots,  Gone With the Wind, The Sound of Music (Do, a deer, a female deer…), The Ten Commandments,  Pearl Harbor,  Avatar (excited about Pandora!)…to name a few. 

And not-so-Epic movies, though epic in their own rights: movies like August Rush, The Body Guard, Waiting to Exhale, Toy Story, Beaches (cry, cry every time I watch this movie), The Twilight Zone (watch the New Year's Marathon every year)….Honestly, I see no end to this list.

Traveling: My favorite spot Florida. No wonder it’s the setting for Ferret
Decorating: I could spend a whole day touring model homes collecting ideas.
Cereal: A bowl of Cheerios especially, and with almond milk poured over it, it’s quite a breakfast treat.
Shopping: I love shopping for odds and ends, all while trying to beat the heat.

I live in Arizona with family and friends, and of course with Chewy, my Yorkie-Poo.

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